Jade Eternal Circle Pendant

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Product Description

Genuine old jade, reclaimed to be worn today. Jade (either jadeite or nephrite) is quite scarce now. Many places produce and sell what is called "New" jade, which is actually any light colored stone that can be dyed or tinted. Most of it is a natural stone called serpentine, though there are some very good stone and created material composites that look like Soochow jade, and make pretty carvings and decorations.

But old jade is a pretty special stone. I believe in reclaiming and reusing old materials rather than creating new ones. If you hold the stone in your hand, it should have a nice solid weight, and feel cool to the touch. Artificial stones are lighter and feel neutral, room temperature.

Real jade is said to warm gradually when worn against the skin, to absorb skin oils and change a little in color. It is a filtering stone that absorbs vibrations, and can break after many years of wear. That's why it is traditionally worn for protection, especially along with Carnelian.

I wrapped this piece with 14k goldfill wire to create a loop, and added a vermeil bail to accommodate a thick cord of silk or leather, or a chain. This one comes with a 22" black velvet ribbon to wear loose or high in the hollow of your throat. It comes gift boxed with a cloth jewelry bag, in a thick padded envelope.

Jade Eternal Circle Pendant

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