Born in Chile,in 1952, I'm a published author of books in English and in Spanish; teacher, lesbian artist, grandmother (of two!), upcycle designer, and I am searching for ways to create and live in harmony (See for writing about teaching literature).

I love being able to make each piece a different creation! With my dog, Poppet (a 12-yr-old rescued Bichon) I spend time in my studio, hammering, tinkering, early mornings, and many late nights. The title of my 1997 novel, Living at Night, is the inspiration for my eclectic designs.

My brother, John David, who is a visual artist, joins me at LivingatNight with prints of his original paintings.

Some Meanings for Precious & Semi-Precious Gems
All about Birthstones:

Quartz Crystals:

Amethyst & Citrine act as purifiers of external energies. Amethyst controls one's temperament; citrine holds electricity

Aquamarine- purpose and direction; meditation
Emerald- amplification of understanding; balancing the aura (wear on the left hand, or as a pendant)
Chrysoberyl- brings peace of mind to the wearer

Turquoise & sunstone
Agate- talisman against fear; good for dreams
Carnelian- stimulates energy
Sardonyx- good fortune

Coral- good for averting negative intent (wear in combination with black onyx or jet, for averting the “evil eye”)

Ruby- mental concentration and strength (wear on the left hand, but not continuously)
Sapphire- lightness and joy; best for the quiet nature

Moonstone- reflection of the wearer (wear on the Full Moon)
Iridescent moonstone (Labradorite)- consciousness of clear mind

Fluorite- mindfulness

Green tourmaline & white pearls
Red almandine- counter melancholy; balance, peace, solitude
Green grossular- thought projection; purifier

Iolite- intuition

Jade- tranquil wisdom and peace; integrity of mind and soul (wear as protection)

Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite- attunement to higher vibrations (wear as a pendant)

Malachite- acts as a mirror (wear when feeling “up”)

Olivine or Peridot- rejuvenation, clarity
Pearl- with jade, to express emotion

Opal- attunement; channel for truth
Apatite and Moonstone

Topaz- friendship, health (helps with headaches and nightmares)
Tourmaline- compassion; maintain relationship with others
Turquoise- balance, grounding, harmony (wear on the left hand or as pendant)
Zircon or Hyacinth- independence

Fiction, poetry, and Interviews with visual artists:

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